Conceived out of the love for our method and a desire to connect, 9 teachers / studio owners united for an epic round-table brainstorming session in January of 2012. The APU was born in the hope of creating a network of Pilates teachers, students, and business people who share the love of the authentic work and wish to connect and grow in their knowledge of this incredible method despite certifications, schools, or levels.

We were people who believed in recognizing and rewarding continuing education. We were people seeking a Pilates community and a Pilates family made up of like-minded individuals looking to build one another up and not tear one another down. A community that wasn’t about certification, but rather education. A network of individuals willing to share their love, knowledge, and resources and to give back to the group as a whole, with positivity, humor, and reward. We are primarily designed to be a network of members helping members with discounts, resources, reciprocal marketing, recognition, etc.

Since 2012 our Board of Directors has changed to allow new minds into the weave, and we will continue to do so, but no matter the names or faces that change, the APU will continue to be a group of people devoted to the preservation of “the work” and devoted to our Pilates community.


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We are an organization by members and for members.  We welcome individuals looking to grow and learn in the authentic method both online, in social media, and in person.  We are hosting events throughout the year including most recently Teach for Mari events, our philanthropic Pilates Gives Back Week, and our new upcoming Member Retreat, more than a conference and set up as a way for members to grow with other members.  

All members can post events that will be listed and promoted publicly on our events page, APU Facebook Page, APU Public Newsletter and Member Only News.

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The APU’s goal is to bring people together who want to preserve the original work of Joseph H. Pilates.

We believe that the best teachers are also students. The best investment you can make as a Pilates instructor is in yourself and your education. Continuing education is important to keep your teaching skills sharp and maintain your passion for what you give to your clients. Continuing education is also important for building a strong Authentic Pilates community.


Members enjoy special promotions and incentives from industry leaders like 5% off Gratz Industries, 10% off Pilates Lineage, 30 Day Free Trial from Pilatesology and Pilates Anytime.

Plus our ever growing Member to Member Discounts including studio sessions, workshops, and conferences and more!


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