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The APU was born in the hope of creating a network of Pilates teachers, students and business people who share that love of the authentic work and wish to connect and grow in their knowledge of this incredible method despite certifications, schools or levels.

We are people seeking a Pilates community and a Pilates family made up of like-minded individuals looking to build one another up and not tear one another down. A community that isn't about certification, but rather education. A network of individuals willing to share their love, knowledge and resources and to give back to the group as a whole, with positivity, humor and reward. We are primarily designed to be a network of members helping members with discounts, resources, reciprocal marketing, recognition, etc.

Our Board of Directors is devoted to the preservation of “the work” and devoted to our Pilates community.


We are a non-discriminatory organization dedicated to preserving the authentic work and philosophy of Joseph H. Pilates by expanding opportunities to study the traditional method of Contrology (aka Pilates).