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Joel Crosby

Board of Directors Chair

Joel Crosby has over 25 years’ experience as fitness and movement trainer and feels strongly that traditional fitness modalities have failed people. It is this motivation that lead him to the work of Joe Pilates. Joel’s ongoing pursuit is to teach Pilates the way Joe intended it. He has been teaching Pilates for 18 years and is passionate about re-educating as many people as possible how to move, exercise, and generate power correctly . Joel has always been an active mover. He was a competitive swimmer, has studied several martial arts, practiced gymnastics, and is a competitive runner.

After teaching Pilates for 13 years Joel finally met and worked with first generation Pilates instructor Jay Grimes in 2013. This meeting put him on a course to learn even more about the original work from Jay. Joel graduated from the highly selective masters program “The Work” with Jay Grimes at Vintage Pilates in 2016.

The Vitality Method Pilates Studio was created by Joel in 2003. This busy dedicated Studio has been in its current location in Duluth, GA for 13 years. The studio has been the hub for authentic classical Pilates in North East Metro Atlanta. In addition to teaching thousands of clients, Vitality Method Studio provides outstanding Classical Pilates Teacher Training and continuing education led by Joel. At Vitality Method Pilates, he strives to create a supportive community of Pilates teachers, from every training background, that are interested in a deeper study of Joe’s work.