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Become an

Authentic Pilates Union

Active Instructor

We believe that the best teachers of Pilates are also students of Pilates.

The best investment you can make as a Pilates instructor is in yourself and your education. Continuing education is important to keep your teaching skills sharp and maintain your passion for what you give to your clients. Continuing education is also important for building a strong Authentic Pilates community.

Requirements for Authentic Pilates Union Active Instructors

  • Become an APU member.

 Renew your APU member every year.

  • Send a copy of your Comprehensive Pilates certification to the APU

Email membership@theapu.org

(Scan a copy or take a picture with your phone)

  • Provide proof of 12 hours of continuing education from the past 2 years.

Send a copy of your workshop certificates, or sales recipes for workshops, with the dates and the number of hours each workshop was.  Included a brief description, 1 or 2 sentences, of workshop theme.

Email membership@theapu.org

  • Earn a minimum of 12 Continuing Education credits every 2 years

This is required to maintain your status as an Active Instructor.

The credits are per hour. For example, a 2-hour workshop would be 2 CEC credits, a 3-hour workshop would be 3 CEC credits.

The credits can be from any Pilates organization or teacher as long as they are classical or authentic Pilates in subject. (For example, credits will not be given to a workshop that is based on equipment that was not used by Joe Pilates)

  • If you are newly comprehensively certified to teach Pilates.

Your comprehensive certification will qualify you to become an APU Active Instructor. You will simply need to meet the CEC requirement within the 2 years to maintain your status.

Benefits of being an “APU Active Instructor”

  • Get the recognition of being listing in the Active Instructor directory on www.theapu.org website as long as APU Active Instructor status is maintained. This will include your name, studio, and website.

  • Frameable Certificate.


  • 5% from Gratz Industries,

  • 10% Pilates Lineage

  • 10% Vitality Method

  • 30 Day Free Trial from Pilatesology

  • Member to member discounts for workouts

  • Discounts to continuing education events and conferences

Additional Benefits:

  • Post your local Pilates events on the APU Facebook Members page and website

  • You are not locked into one organization for CEC’s

  • Network with other instructors that have the same goal of maintaining the legacy and authentic work of Joe Pilates.