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Board Member

Brenda Freeman began her Classical Pilates teacher training in 2004 after discovering Pilates in 2000. As someone who has been physically active and in pursuit of excellence her entire life, Pilates was the key to her healing success. 

After her son was born via c-section in 2000, Brenda suffered low back pain and an abdominal separation referred to as, diastasis recti. Pilates was the answer to her healing. In 2003, she had a V-BAC (vaginal birth after cesarian) and used the Pilates system to heal the muscles of the abdomen and pelvic floor. 

Since 2004, Brenda has trained and taken a variety of workshops and certification programs with 2nd Generation Classical Pilates teachers. She most recently studied with Chris Robinson of S6 Fitness who specializes in Pilates and sports. 

Her teaching speaks to her knowledge of the human experience. She has worked with a variety of ages and populations from leading pre-school movement classes to working in hospitals with the elderly. She has taught pre and post-natal Pilates classes and worked with clients to continue their healing after Physical Therapy. Brenda is also a somatic sex educator and combines her knowledge and training of the muscular and pleasure structure of the pelvic floor with her pilates teaching. She also taught at Central Michigan University, where she developed and wrote the course syllabus for their Pilates Mat Program, which is still going strong.