How Will You Re-Open Your Studio Part 1

Updated: May 21

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Highlights and resources from 5/14/2020 Meeting

How will you re open your studio Part 1


Karen Frischmann

Keion Moradi

Nicole Briggs

Daniela Escobar

Bethanie Reidinger

Miguel Silva

Joel Crosby


Worldwide there are no specific guidelines set for Pilates Studios at this time. We need to discuss and exchange ideas from around the world. Classical studios have some unique challenges. For example, leather straps.

What are you doing in your area if you are open? What are you planning for when you do get to open?

This meeting is open to everyone in the classical Pilates community.

Our community can come together on these meetings to help each other, and continue to provide an important service to our local community.

The purpose of these meetings is to share the actions and ideas teachers teachers/studios are doing around the world. These are ideas from great minds to get you thinking about what may work for you.

Clients need to feel safe.

Below are comments, resources, and practical actions these teachers generously shared:

Karen Frischmann , Los Angeles, CA

Encouraged everyone to share information.

Share what works for you, and share things that you try and find they don’t work.

Be informed about your local community regulations.

Here are some resources Karen shared:

Article on cleaning your apparatus

For information on Vinyl loops and vegan straps, contact

Look at your financial numbers as you choose which strategies to implement. Some of these ideas can be costly. Think about what will work for you, and what is needed.

Nicole Briggs and Keion Moradi, Strong Body Pilates, Los Angeles, CA

Clients wash hands when arriving.

Teachers wear masks.

Allowing fresh air to circulate in the studio.

Planning on allowing 15 minutes between sessions/classes. To thoroughly clean and allow 1st group to leave before the next group of clients comes in.

Looking into upgrading the HVAC system by Installing a system that kills viruses the Nicole has learned about.

Spacing out equipment.

Daniela Escobar, Westwood Pilates, Los Angeles, CA

Teachers wear masks.

Clients wash hands as soon as they come to the studio.

Creating workout stations. A reformer, Chair, Barrel, and Mat will all be in the same area for the client and teacher to work with. This way clients do not have to walk around the studio and pass others to get the equipment they need. For her studio there will be a total of 3 stations. No more than 3 clients and 3 instructors will be in the studio at a time.

Instructors are taking shifts. Teachers will be coming in on different days to regulate people traffic.

Clients will come in one door exit another door.

Bethanie Reidinger, Pilates of Elmhurst, Elmhurst, IL

Teachers wear mask.

Clients wash hands when arriving.

Bethanie generously shared her studio policy documentation and her new COVID waiver. She said it would be OK use it as a starting point to create your own.

This is posted here on

She is giving clients information on studio policies that have changed since the closing.

Miguel Silva, Uno.Pilates, Portugal

Emphasized having fresh air circulating in the studio.

Since we are not touching clients to cue them. He had found it good to quickly demonstrate some exercises for clients.

Washing hands when they come to studio.

He has a shower at his studio which is required for fitness facilities in Portugal. However, Portugal is now requiring showers not be used at public fitness facilities.

He mentioned wearing disposable foot/shoe coverings, like doctors’ wear in surgeries, for clients when they are walking around the studio.

All shoes are kept outside.

Joel Crosby, Vitality Method Studio, Duluth GA

Set up a shoe sanitation station at entry door.

Clients wash hands upon arriving.

Teachers wearing masks.

Recommending clients wear masks.

Each client has their own spray bottle and rag that goes with them around the studio. Each client has a fresh cleaning rag for their workout.

Runs an ozone and UV light combination device in the studio every night.

Teachers clean anything missed by clients.

Limiting attendance to 10 people maximum in the studio. Studio is 3200 square feet.

HVAC filter changed more frequently.

Circulate fresh air in the studio.

Additional ideas from other teachers:

Dolly Kimbro is going to use a clear film used by dental offices on the handles and roll down bars.

Karen Frischmann shared a link to these:

Dental Barrier Film

Carmen Lanteigne mentioned that although she in general likes to avoid using plastic products for environmental reasons; she may utilize a saran-wrap type product for bars and handles.

More information will be shared next meeting.

Join us again to hear what the above teachers have learned over the past week and what other featured studio are implementing.

The next Zoom meeting will be Friday May 22 at 2:00 PM EST

Zoom meeting ID 850 3650 9079

All this information is provided as general information as to what others are doing in their studios. There is no singular product or methodology that the Authentic Pilates Union is endorsing beyond what the local authorities in your area are requiring. Stay safe and keep others safe.

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